Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BBClone and Wordpress

Well, after finding the link at Technodaddy's site I decided to give it a whirl.  I followed all the install instructions except...  I couldn't get Wordpress hits to show.

Then I found this link:

For those that don't want to follow, or if the site goes down, here is what you do.

Put this:

define("_BBC_PAGE_NAME", get_bloginfo("name") . wp_title("/", false));
define("_BBCLONE_DIR", "/real/path/to/directory/bbclone/");
define("_NEW_COUNTER", _BBCLONE_DIR . "mark_page.php");
if (file_exists(_NEW_COUNTER))
{ include(_NEW_COUNTER); }

in the following template files

  • Archive
  • Main
  • Page
  • Post
  • Search
Thanks Technodaddy for Pimpin' thanks for pointing this out. :)
And thanks to Ralf's Weblog. :)

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