Thursday, July 15, 2004

Chillow Pillow Heatsink Reviewed

Hehe, the word of the day…. Chillo! 

chillow.jpg imageAt night, awake with concern for all mankind, I sweat. An array of fans helps, as does sleeping on the air hockey table, but perhaps something like the SoothSoft Chillow is the way to go. A "heatsink for your head," the flexible plastic insert has a cooling technology -- water, I think they're calling it these days -- that helps keep the up side of your pillow pleasingly cool all night long. If you think you can stand a "slightly rubbery scent," and come on, it's the '90s, people, Gear Live puts aside its MP3 players and crys-knives long enough to give you a review.
Read - SoothSoft Chillow Review [GearLive]


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