Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Blaupunkpt Woodstock DAB54 Car Stereo

Oooooh, anyone know how I can get one of these?  I bet the RIAA won't like it one bit!  Which of course means I just have to have one.  That and the fact that I like saying Blaupunkpt. :)

balufkas_dab54.jpg imageDAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio has its fans and its detractors in the UK, but there's no questioning the creeping tide of music devices that support the standard, like Blaupunkt's newly-updated DAB54 in-dash car stereo. In addition to DAB radio functions like live pausing, record and rewind (rewind live streams to catch the beginning of a song you want to record to SD card), and TravelStore (an automatic catalog of all available DAB stations), the Woodstock also plays regular old CDs and FM radio. The DAB54 also includes Blaupunkt's VarioColour display technology with lets you pick from 4,096 different hues to match the exact color of dashboard illumination.

The biggest disappointment from the Woodstock DAB54? It's not actually wood, which means it won't match my station wagon's dash no matter how many color LEDs it has.

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