Tuesday, December 30, 2003

If you are not reading SlashNOT you just don't know what's really going on in...

Funny stuff.  I need a stuffed penguin!



And a new spatula! J 

If you are not reading SlashNOT you just don't know what's really going on in the world of technology:-). The following is quoted from SlashNOT, the best tech amusement on the net: "ForwardSlash: 2004 Predictions. Matthew writes: At the beginning of each year, SlashNOT predicts the top 10 tech trends. The 2004 predictions are:

  • Anti-spam software will finally become useful, allowing you to blame it for not getting e-mail from people you don't want to talk to.
  • Every tech job in America will be outsourced to India. Americans will still be fat and rich, but even less deservedly so.
  • SCO will go down in flames after a federal court rules that they don't actually own the rights to UNIX. Linux users worldwide will break out in celebration, scaring the crap out of the 99% of the world who have no idea why geeks are running naked in the streets and dancing with stuffed penguins.
  • Microsoft will cut the price of Office in half as it's hit with four consecutive quarters of its first-ever decreasing sales numbers. Microsoft will put X-Box on the street in smeared makeup and wobbly heels in an attempt to make quick money.
  • Opteron will destroy Itanium, forcing Intel to launch a "64-bits is 32 bits too many" ad campaign. The new era of 64-bit computing will usher in a lasting age of brotherhood, peace, and global harmony.
  • Republicans will begin to purchase Apple computers for the first time.
  • Dell commercials will suck so badly that a few people will actually die watching them.
  • iPods will outsell traditional Pods.
  • Voice over IP will flounder as corporate America realizes that it doesn't really need phones to be as reliable and expensive as computers.
  • Microsoft will announce that Windows XP Service Pack 2 fixes the major security holes. One month later, the "Reaper" worm will take down every Windows XP machine that isn't behind a firewall. [SlashNOT]"
    [Edward Mitchell: Common Sense Technology]

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