Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Spam Pitches Are Mutating Faster

Why can’t the virus guys attack the spammer guys?  I don’t know what folks do that do not have SpamAssassin or some kind of internet appliance in between their mailbox and the never-ending heap-o-spam out there….

In my recent life as a trailer park redneck, I discovered that if I didn’t check my snail-mail box at least once every other day it would be too full for the mailman to put anything new in it.  Now, the fact that the only email I ever got there that was actually for me was my Time Warner and Power bill leads me to wonder just what went wrong here.  Spam has gotten worse in the snail-mail world too, you just can’t install SpamAssassin on your mailman. J 

Trying to stay one step ahead of ever-improving spam filters, spammers are creating and trying new tricks much more quickly. Antispam developers are keeping up, for now. By Ryan Singel.
[Wired News]

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