Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Backup Tivo Images

 I used to think the serial number was on the hard drive, but it seems that the Tivo serial number is located elsewhere.  Having said that I can now tell you about the bad time I have had with adding a second hard drive to my Tivo.  Regular readers may remember that I added an 80gig drive to my Tivo a while back.  As it turns out, this 80gig drive has a bad spot on it and causes the Tivo to crash any time it tries to write to it.  When I started looking into taking that drive back out I hit a brick wall….


Once you have added a drive it is a heck of a hard thing to go back to a single drive… Unless you don’t care about your stored movies.  A buddy of mine…who may or may not work with me, found the following site:


The backup directory has oodles of backup images (I don’t know for how long so get them if you need them)


More news tonight if it works!