Sunday, April 24, 2005

Star Wars Revelations...

I haven't watched it yet but the site looks cool...

Have you seen the newest Star Wars movie yet? No, not some bootleg of Episode III on a p2p service. I'm talking about Revelations. It's what happens when you get a fan with a vision to tell a part of the Star Wars story who meets up with the latest personal digital technology. Revelations runs at 40 mins and it's a tale that fits in post Episode III and prior to Episode IV. More importantly it shows what the vision of one person looks like when brought to life though digital technology that would have simply been prohibitive for an individual to afford or too complex for a mortal to use. Probably worth quoting George Lucas again...  “Anyone with a Macintosh and a Sony digital camera can do anything I can do. I just happen to have a few cameras and a few Macintoshes". What a great promotion for the Star Wars folks but a much better promotion of the tools that were used to create it. While most consumers still prefer to consume content rather than create it for those with the vision and the talent, it's amazing to see what can be done with stuff that's just off the shelf and available to anyone.
[Michael Gartenberg]

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