Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sprint rolls out the beginnings of EV-DO today

This is big news for folks with the PPC-6601 as it is currently the only device that would be able to use EV-DO... At least that is what I read on other sites.

sprint pcs logo

This isn’t the grand official launch of Sprint’s nationwide EV-DO, which is still expected to happen in Q3, but today Sprint is rolling out PRL 10027, which will de facto enable EV-DO in all devices that support it. Though PRLs generally refer to roaming, PRL 10027 has been modified to provide feature status, as will denote EV-DO. Because this isn’t the “official” launch, it means there’s no guarantee you’re going to be able to get coverage in any specific locations, and because PRL releases generally happen over time, you may not be able to receive it over-the-air immediately. But Sprint is turning on their EV-DO network, quietly, a bit in advance of the planned official launch, and devices should start to take advantage of it as customers begin to receive the new PRL.

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