Friday, April 8, 2005

HAL bionic suit going to market

Oh, now this is too cool. :)

HAL bionic suit 2So the unfortunately-named robotic HAL, Hybrid Assistive Limb, is finally making it to mass production after a ten year development cycle. This bionic suit gives its wearer extra strength by providing a worn exoskeleton that gives an extra boost to walking and climbing movements. Each time the wearer takes a step, bioelectric sensors attached to the skin monitor the movements, send the data wirelessly to an attached computer worn in a backpack, which in turns tells the robotic limbs to take a step right along with the user, adding strength to the movement. Potential applications for the suit include helping people with brain and spinal injuries as well as act as a wheelchair replacement for the elderly. We just want one so we can be the next great crime-fighting cyborg superhero — but at $19,000 a pop, we kinda can’t afford to be that altruistic.


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