Monday, April 11, 2005

Intel ships first dual-core chips

Oh baby!  That would mean I could put dual core Intel chips in my blade farm and have quad processor VMWare ESX boxes!!!!  <insert evil cackle here>

Intel dual core

So it looks like Intel is actually delivering the goods on their two, two, two chips in one dual-core CPUs a little earlier than they even expected (and how often does that happen?). The last update was that we’d see them roll out by the summer, but they announced today they’ve actually just started shipping them already. The Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840 isn’t exactly the catchiest name we’ve ever heard (they’d better hire some fresh blood in their naming department if they’re planning on putting out those sexy multi-core chips in the next few years), but the 3.2 GHz chips sport two separate processing units that operate independently and promise to be all that and a bucket of chips. But you know how these things go — we’ll have to see how much these things live up to the hype of “newer, faster, more expensive” (actually, we’re pretty sure they’ll live up to the more expensive part without too much trouble). AMD will be hot on Intel’s heels, with plans to ship out their first dual-core microprocessors next week.


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