Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Sunpower Solar Powered Cellphone Batteries

This looks cool, but I don’t think I spend enough time outside for this to make any difference. 

sunpower_cell.jpg imageGawker Media Web Dork Prime Nick Aster sends us this link to Sunpower's solar assisted cell-phone batteries available for a variety of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and Nextel-branded phones. You won't be making phone calls with our star's light alone, but on a sunny day the Sunpower batteries can manage to add about 15 minutes of talk time to your battery for every hour they spend charging. Depending on how actively you use your phone (and what part of Arizona you live in), your phone might not have to hit the charger at all. Prices run from about $40 to $60 per battery via their website.
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ScotteVest's solar powered gadget recharging jacket [Gizmodo]


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