Wednesday, June 2, 2004

BoomGear MP-820BT Bluetooth MP3 Player: Hands Free Calling Over Your Headphones

Oooooh.  Bluetooth lust! J 

boomgear_mp820bt.jpg imageBlueserker is reporting that Amazon is taking preorders for the BoomGear MP-820BT MP3 player for $180. The MP-820BT has integrated Bluetooth which can, when paired with your mobile phone, route incoming calls over your headphones and use the built-in microphone to talk about without ever pulling the phone out of your pocket. It only has 256MB of RAM built-in, but it does have an integrated FM tuner, so for the more mobile among us it could be a slick way to go hands-free.
Read [Would you like to making call? Blueserker]


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