Friday, June 4, 2004

See With Your Tongue

Um, ok.  My first impression when I saw this was “I don’t want blind people licking me!” but I stopped and went to the link and read the article.


It is indeed neat that they are devising ways for people to see when they have lost or never had their site.  That said, I still left the site with a bad taste in my mouth… 

An international team of neuropsychologists has improved a device named "Tongue Display Unit" (TDU) pioneered at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The device consists of a grid of 144 gold-plated electrodes set in the mouth and able to activate the cerebral cortex, the area of brain normally used for vision, of blind people. In their experiments, blind people were able to "see letters with their tongue." This system has the potential to replace the Braille alphabet and to vastly improve the quality of life of blind persons.

[Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends]

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