Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Closed Coke Cans Not Allowed At Air Force Base Due To GPS Threat

Wow, I think they should just get the new robot to target Coke cans with pepper spray. J 

You may recall the story about Coca-Cola's bizarre summer promotion where they're sticking soda can sized (and weighted) GPS-enabled phones into Coke cans. The idea is that the winners of the promotion opens the can and discovers the phone. They press the big red button and are immediately connected to prize central, who will use the phone to determine the caller's location and send out the prize brigade who will show up with your winning car or stereo or whatever. There's just one problem. Sneaking a device that transmits your location into a secure military base is a big no-no. So, security folks at a variety of Air Force bases have now been instructed to open up all entering Coca-Cola cans heading into conference rooms in secure areas. Coca-Cola execs point out that this is a bit silly. The so-called sodaphones don't transmit or receive a damn thing until someone pushes the red button. However, Air Force officials just want to be safe, and they promise that winning cans will be returned to their owners after they've left secure areas. Well, cross off the possibility of the US military opening fire on the Coca-Cola prize patrol.


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