Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Aqua FM Swim Snorkel Radio

Yeah, that is just what I want to do…  Put a battery operated device into my mouth while I go under water…  The bone conducting thing is cool though, so long as it is just sound and not voltage that gets conducted into my “dome”.. J 

snaquafm.jpg imageAlthough it won't do you much good once you get under enough water to soak up all the radio waves, the Aqua FM Swim Snorkel will let you surface surfers listen to FM radio while you float, making it easier to ignore God's beautiful undersea creation. Even better, the Aqua FM snorkel uses no earphones, and instead uses bone conduction to pass the audio signal through your teeth right into your dome. And if you want to test the range of FM underwater, feel free; the radio snorkel is waterproof to 33 feet.
Read [Aquanaut]

Update: I just called the manufacturer and yes, this will play Air Supply just fine. Why do you guys keep asking me that?


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