Monday, January 5, 2004

Way too cool

Some things today for you geeks out there.


I mentioned last week about and how you can download ringtones and such to your Sprint phone.  Well, it seems that you can do much more than that.  I found quite a few java based applications out there for all kinds of phones at this site.  I found out that if I register at mbuzzy (which is free) I can upload applications to my locker and have them sent right to my phone.  When I started out searching on google for java based applications I found a great deal of posts where people were confused at what to do with most of the .jad and .jar files.  I found that I can view the properties of the .jad link so that I can copy the URL to the clipboard and then go to TinyURL (Thanks TechnoD) and paste it.  This gives you a MUCH friendlier URL to type into your built-in phone browser.  If that doesn’t work, just post the application to your locker in mbuzzy and have them send it.  This seems to always work (unless the app is not compatible).


Anyway, I now have a Jabber/MSN/AOL client, Email, Telnet client, subnet calculator, and even a blog tool!!!  Yes, I have gone crazy!!! J

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