Tuesday, January 20, 2004

MythTV has arrived

It is official.  My new MythTV server is up and running.  By Super Bowl weekend I will have turned off my Tivo as well.  Things left for me to do is figure out how to get my Tivo remote to talk to the MythTV box and lastly;

Import over 80Gig of music/video files from my old system!  I am going to try a USB drive to do this but we shall see how this works.


Oh, and also I will be importing all my Mame ROMS (all 7 CDs worth).  It should be interesting.


One thing of note.  I have been using a 30 hour Tivo for 3 years now and have always had it set to the lowest quality setting.  The default settings on MythTV appear to be MUCH better than what I am used to.  Even my wife noticed that the picture quality was better.  For those of you who are wondering, there are excellent how-to articles on the MythTV website.   Since my box is using Fedora Core 1 I used Jarod’s how-to.  The neat thing is that I am using the same hardware as he describes in the how-to so it went perfectly!  I am thinking about ghosting up a setup right before I do the customization so that I have a good backup.  My new Athalon XP 2 GHz box with 1Gig of DDR memory just smokes too. J

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