Friday, November 8, 2013

Hosting your domain on Google services

OK, so some of you may have known this but has been around for a loooooong time.  My buddy Bill and I came up with the name and over the years it has lived in many locations.... (even a gigantor server in my bedroom that sounded like a plane.

Well, as soon as Google started letting other domains host their email services through them I have had Intrasection hosted there.  Better spam protection and better kid protection.  Boy did Joshua Morrison LOOOOOVE to flip that big old red switch.

Well speed up to a few weeks ago, Intrasetion got Google "+" ified.  And all kind of bells and whistles started going off.

Now, from my phone, I can put into my calendar (Pick Phil up from Airport).  I can put in a 30 min warning notification, I can even put an estimated travel time when I invite my lovely wife to the meeting invitation...

Then in a few seconds (since my account is the admin of the domain) I see (in a different color) my wife's calendar entry.  Tap on it, click "Accept" and poof, her phone will remind her to do something that I might forget to ask when I am physically close enough to ask her about it.

Kind of cool I must say....

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