Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Windows Server 2008

Am I the only person on the planet to have missed this? I remember the good old days where I waited with baited breath for the release date. Heck Windows 95 was released on my birthday for heaven's sake.... But I guess Longhorn Server was delayed soooooo much that I dont even care any more. I saw this post:
Windows Server 2008

And then go check at the M$ site and sure enough.... Win2k8 (boy that was weird) is out there.

So now I begin to download/install this new version as a VM so I dont loose my edge... But a part of me wonders.... Is it me that is loosing the edge or is is M$??? With all the new rage being going to Apple and the Mac (along with my unreasonable urge to by a Macbook Pro), is M$ loosing the edge?

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