Tuesday, November 1, 2005

MP3s From PC to Car in Seconds Flat

I have been holding out on getting something for listening to tunes in my car for some time now.  This one looks like a winner!  The price looks good too. 

sony receiver.jpgSony is putting out a new CD receiver for the car that will let you take off its faceplate, connect it to a PC and download your music as if it was an external drive. Just snap the faceplate back on, and all is well in the world of digital music. The Xplod MEX-1GP (Giga Panel) model—the name alone is worth an extra $25—is an AM/FM CD/MP3 receiver and can store up to 500 tunes, also allowing playback of CD-R/RW discs and any compressed music files burned onto a CD. It's got a 13 segment LCD display, a built-in 208-watt power amplifier and a three-band equalizer. Comes with a wireless remote and will be available in February for about $350.

Sony's Latest CD Receiver Transfers Music DIrectly From A PC To A Car Stereo [Sony]

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