Monday, October 3, 2005

Mobile Phone-casting

I couldn’t sign up for an account even though they say it will work on all WM5 phones.  But I did send a message to the support email asking for more info.  This sounds kind of neat… 

Missed this item from DEMOfall a few weeks ago: Canadian company ComVu is offering free webcasting services for mobile phones running Windows Mobile 5. The software includes some sweet features such as tags support, geo-positioning data to allow viewers to locate transmission point on map, automatic video-blog functionality, and instant group notification via SMS, IM or email. The company is banking on video as the logical evolution of the phonecam newsgathering trend.

"CNN is already promoting its citizen reported media; it's only a matter of time before all newspapers and broadcasters will seamlessly tap into the 'on the spot' video feeds streamed live from camera phone users-this is exactly the capability ComVu enables."

PocketCaster is in beta right now. Anyone taken the PocketCaster for a test-run? Please report back.

Pocket casting [Red Ferret]
ComVu [Product Page]

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  1. Well, they at least added the 6700 to the site. I tried the 2003 version of their program and while it installs, it does not tie into the camera. They have a sign up for the beta of the WM5 version of their program so more updates when I get them.