Sunday, August 7, 2005

Windows Vista Beta 1

Well, I am now running Windows Vista Beta 1 on both my main laptop and my main desktop. Before I get into the things I like I will tell you about the 1 thing that I have found that I don't like.
I can't seem to get the Cisco VPN client to install. It installed for previous betas but now it just fails. :( But, other than that... On to the good stuff.

Instead of My Documents you just have a "Documents" folder. They changed the path to C:\users\username\Documents. I like this as it was a pain to dig under "Documents and Settings".
The other neat thing is the new PC-to-PC sync. Now that I have my desktop and laptop running Vista I have sync setup on them so that if I make changes on my laptop it will sync to the desktop the next time it sees it. They still have the "Offline" setting for server shares but having the ability to have a copy somewhere else is awesome!
The other change is that there is aparently no more msgina.dll. The logon screen is a full screen of blue. I think this is why the VPN client fails to install.
Another thing is that they brought fast user switching to domain users! I like this
And lastly, the User Account Protection setting. When it is on, any changes you attempt to the system will prompt for a local administrator username/password. Even if you are already in the local administrators group. Also, when this is on you can't write to any location except for your user directory. Verry cool!

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