Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Windows Mobile 2005 screenshots and ROM turn up

I saw quite a bit of news on this and this one seemed the best.

Windows Mobile 2005

It’s sort of a big enough deal that some screenshots and details about Windows Mobile 5.0 (aka Windows Mobile 2005 aqua Magneto aka could Microsoft please hurry up and get this dang thing out) have turned up, but the real prize is that someone was devious enough to back up the ROM from a Pocket PC running a beta of the new OS and then post it up online. Not that you’d want to bother messing around with it or anything (unless you really know what you’re doing). Installing a beta ROM is a pretty easy way to permanently screw up your phone (oh, and it looks like the ROM may only work with the XDA II/MDA II, aka the HTC Himalaya).

[Via Mobileread]

Windows Mobile 2005


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