Thursday, November 4, 2004

New Jersey Smart Guns Move Forward

This looks neat.  I would want to make sure that it was 100% full proof.  They could even have something that tests the blood-alcohol levels. :)

njit_smart_gun.jpg imageNew Jersey Institute of Technology just got another $1.1 million to continue testing their 'smart gun,' a handgrip system for firearms that prevents non-authorized users from using the weapons. By using a series of sensors along the grip, the gun can determine who is holding it and can even support multiple users.

However you feel about 'smart guns,' in general, the technology is worth keeping an eye on, as touch-based biometrics look to start showing up all over the place, including the steering wheels of cars and the pommels of swords and stuff.

NJIT's smart gun moves closer to completion with $1.1 million grant [Eurekalert]


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