Monday, November 22, 2004

Is the Treo 650 a Weakling?

Ouch!  I wonder how much usable memory there is in the PPC-6601.. Oh yeah, it's 128Mb.... :)

Treo650.jpgConsumer logic dictates that the Treo 650 should be a country mile better than the Treo 600, right? At least in terms of key specs like memory. But some eagle-eyed users are claiming that PalmOne's playing some serious sleight-of-hand with the 650's storage. Treonauts does the math, and it ain't pretty: "Existing users will have 30 percent less memory to use when compared to the Treo 600, thus bringing the 'true' user-available memory down to only 16MB."

Ouch. I guess there's no smart-phone-storage corollary to Moore's Law, huh?

The Treo 650 Memory Debate [Treonauts]


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