Wednesday, November 3, 2004

5th grade math?!?

Here is one for you...

A collection of goats and ducks have a total of 99 heads and legs between them. There are twice as many ducks as there are goats. How many of each is there?

Don't google it! That's cheating...

Took me a while but I figured it out... Answer tomorrow! That is, unless someone else answers it first. :)

Winner gets a big ole kiss this year at the Howard Hootenanny!


  1. I asked around here at work and found some good answers. The boss pulled a SWAG and nailed it so go figgure.

  2. Easy, there are 18 Ducks and 9 Goats....No google, just pen and paper and 2 mins of figuring.

    Give us something harder next time!


  3. Threeve. I'm going with Threeve. :)