Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Microsoft, PalmOne announce Exchange ActiveSync for Treo

Hmm, ActiveSync for Palm OS?  This sounds kind of like Microsoft Linux….  Weird indeed.  Anyway, we have a few of these Treo devices in the field and it might be cool for them to not have to install Good software on some of them when they only want email/contacts updated and not some of the more rich VPN like applications.

Second, it puts a stake in the ground: MS is not backing away from Exchange ActiveSync in the face of vigorous competition from RIM and Good Technologies; Good is already shipping GoodLink for Treo, and RIM announced BlackBerry software for Palm OS in December 2003.... IMHO the most significant impact of this deal has little to do with the specific technologies involved: if it is successful, it will validate Microsoft's fairly new, and still somewhat untested, approach of licensing key networking/communications protocols to all comers.
[Exchange Security]

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