Tuesday, April 13, 2004

VMWare VirtualCenter

 New coolness from the folks at VMWare.  You can read all the whitepapers at their site but the light came on yesterday when we started talking about blade servers.  If one VMWare ESX 2.01 can handle 10 VMs and you have 8 blades in a rack taking up 4U you can get 80 servers into 4U!!!  Granted you have to couple this with SAN space but most datacenters already have a SAN so it’s not a big issue.  When you think of the other things that make this handy…  You have 79 less network wires, keyboard, mouse and fiber…  And the new term “VMotion” and templates mean that you can add machines to the environment or move them around at ease.


Once again the folks at VMWare have put the M into PFM!

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