Monday, April 26, 2004

AT&T Wireless To Introduce The How Many Bars Do You Have Man

One word.  LAME   or maybe Ugh! 

Now that AT&T Wireless is trying to bounce back from all the troubles they've been having, they've decided to steal a page from competitor Verizon Wireless. While they promise that they've fixed a lot of the problems that caused them problems and have very publicly apologized, they're also starting up a marketing campaign that will try to get the phrase "How many bars do you have?" as famous as "Can you hear me now?" I can just imagine the thought process. AT&T Wireless execs standing in a bunch of mobile phone users listening to what they're saying, knowing they can't use "Can you hear me now?" Maybe it's just me, but "How many bars do you have?" just isn't that convincing.


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  1. Did you read this story? It goes into more detail.
    Big boss told IT to come in everyday and expect to be fired.