Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Commodity Community Wireless Gear

This one is worth following simply because the company sells 802.11g Mini-PCI cards…  That’s right, those of you with Dell Latitude’s can have 802.11g on your built-in Mini-PCI slot!!! 

The folks who brought you the Pringles cantenna and the concept of an off-the-grid community wireless network have partnered in a new firm: Rob Flickenger and Matt Westervelt's Metrix Communications is attempting to be a one-stop shop for networkers trying to find commodity boards, antennas, kits, and parts that are surprisingly tedious to buy separately or as individuals. The gear is focused on outdoor, ruggedized equipment typically used for long haul or interconnection points, but they also carry less technical items, like a high milliwattage PC Card (200 mW)....

[Wi-Fi Networking News]

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