Wednesday, March 3, 2004

ROM Upgrade for Dell Axim X3

Hey you Axim users (you know who you are)!  You may want this… 

You'll have to log into Dell's support site and drill down. They block direct linking. "This patch includes previous patches: Axim X3 Drivers Patch (111303) - R70304.EXE and Dell AXIM X3 Drivers Patch (112403) - R70305.EXE " Fixes and enhancements include: 1. The Backup Battery driver status update issue, which may cause long backup battery charging time. 2. The Codec relative drivers problem, which may conflict and cause system lockup. 3. The Serial Port driver issue, which may cause serial keyboard detection sometimes failed. 4. Enhanced Display performance by optimizing the Display driver. 5. The USB file transferring issues, which may cause file transfer failed. 6. Updated the localization contents of Dell WLAN Utility UI/help files, which including: German, French, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. 7. The SD card driver problem, which may cause sometimes failed on SD card detection. 8. The Audio driver problem, which caused audio recording can not work continuously after system sleep/wakeup. 9. The WLAN driver problem, which may cause system cannot recognize wireless device occasionally. Way to go Dell! Now, if only another OEM that starts with an "H" and ends with a "P" would release a ROM update to their devices. :|
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