Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Portable WiFI Access Point?

This man needs a PowerBag™ 2.0, like BAD! J


I hate hotel rooms. It wasn't too long ago that I traveled with an acoustic coupler and a small tool kit to re-wire the hotel rooms phone so I could dial in from the road. Phone jacks were a big plus. These days I get grumpy if there's no Broadband access in the room but even when there is the desk where the broadband connection is located is usually horrible for working. What I'd love to see is a small WiFi Access point that I could plug into the connection and then work in that nice comfortable chair in the corner. Something really small and light. Maybe Apple will make a mini-Airport... A person can dream can't they?

[Michael Gartenberg]


  1. Hey, I know where he can get a powerbag AND a tiny wap. :)

    I thought you might have fallen off the planet, big dog! No posts in a few
    days is like a record. Hope all is well in your world.

    I taught Anj to ride her bike Sat, BTW. We need to talk soon about E2K3
    coolness! :)