Monday, November 3, 2003

Tooth for a tooth

Now this, this is waaaaay cool.  Take a look at the link on ExtremeTech… It’s worth it. 

Once upon a time, people wondered what the heck Bluetooth was going to be useful for.

Now, one of most drool-worthy Bluetooth devices (well, besides the Smart car) is on the horizon, and believe it or not, it's *gasp* practical!

XtremeMac has announced the iPod Bluetooth adapter, which will enable the user to stream audio to headphones, speakers, and even your car (hmm, a Smart perhaps?). To me, this is the ultimate iPod accessory, since it gives you ultimate mobility. If this thing works (and works well), I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

FM transmitters, like my iTrip, are all fine and dandy, but I've had a few issues with it lately. I often fumble with it to find and tune an appropriate frequency. It also does not fit on my iPod when it is in its case (an iSee). Lately, it has also been acting a bit flaky about working at all. Long story short? I need a new drug.

More details on this Bluetooth device are available at ExtremeTech (it is mentioned near the end of the first page).

(via AkibaLive)


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