Friday, October 10, 2003

'Safe' zones to disable picture phones

 Hey, this is cool!  If this comes out I want one to sew into my underwear or something.  Not because I think someone would put a camera phone there, a thought not entirely undesirable but somewhat improbable, but because that would mean people wouldn’t be able to take pictures of me, a thought that is very desirable. J

Scroll down the page. "If you have ever been photographed somewhere you weren’t supposed to be, with someone you weren’t supposed to be with or doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing, a British company has your best interest in mind. Sensaura Ltd., together with Iceberg Systems, is in the process of developing what it calls 'Safe Haven’ — a technology that would disable picture phones by sending a signal notifying the phone it is in a privacy zone. Simply put, areas such as a school, office or warehouse facility could be designated as a localized environment in which imaging systems in mobile phones would automatically be switched off. However, the technology is still far from ready. Iceberg said it is in talks with leading handset manufacturers to develop phones that understand the signals and know what to do about them. Sensaura is an audio IP licensing firm; Iceberg develops mobile technology." (Marc Erickson)
[Lockergnome's Technology News]

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