Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Vonage goes to Iraq

Now this is a cool story.  Way to go Vonage.  BTW: For those that didn’t know, I said goodbye to Bellsouth today as the family moves to SC.  The new house will have two outbound lines for calling (teenager) but NO Bellsouth connection.  Vonage is hosting my SC number and Packet8 is hosting a Pensacola number for me so that friends and family can call without long distance charges. 

Vonage, which offers flat rate broadband Voice over IP telephone service here in the States, is shipping a bunch of their Analog Telephone Adapter boxes to Iraq so that soldiers there can make free phone calls to their families during the holiday season. SkyFrames is providing the wireless satellite Internet connection. While obviously a PR move, it's a nice gesture nonetheless, and highlights the one thing we love most about Vonage: that you can take one of these ATA boxes (which are made by Cisco) with you when you travel, and as long as you have broadband, use it to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world as if you were in the US. One friend of ours brought his ATA with him to Tokyo when he moved there from New York, and was able to bring his 212 number with him. He can make unlimited calls to...

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