Monday, October 3, 2005

Company Launches 6th Sense Social Networking for Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones


 I saw this post on Geekzone and took a read.  Now, I understand why this is different from the fictional game of “BlueToothing” that started out as a joke but turned into something real…. But, having said that.  Why on EARTH would I not just go over to the person at the bar (besides the fact that I am married and wouldn’t do that…).  Until they build this in as something that is default on your phone, and it’s not an Uber-Geek phone but a more mid/low end phone, the only folks you are going to find are nerdy guys pretending to be hot chicks….  Or teeny-boppers with rich folks…  Oh, well, there is my rant.


6th Sense is a mobile personal networking service for users to find people in the local proximity that they might want to meet.

 [Geekzone: IT, mobility, wireless and handheld news]

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