Tuesday, May 11, 2004

SharePoint Syndication Generator

For you sharepoint fans out there.  You know who you are.  You should like this!!! 

Finally! Thanks to Colin ( for helping me to iron out the bugs I've managed to finish the accompanying readme file and just uploaded the latest gadget. It's a RSS feed generator for SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services lists and libraries.


Quite a cool piece I think ;-) Lets you select the source list and a couple of settings. Then you can upload the resulting RSS file with a single click to a SharePoint document library to make it avail to your visitors.


I've also finished another SharePoint list template. It is an event (aka calendar) list template incorporating the fields specified in the ESF ( standard. Once I've managed to clean up some of the accompanying Outlook code I'll put it up too, including another XSLT stylesheet to generate ESF compliant RSS out of this list using the above mentioned SharePoint Syndication Generator and an Outlook code piece to put the results directly into your Outlook calendar (without needing NewsGator - which I haven't).


[Sig Webers Playground]

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