Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hack your 4GB iPod nano to 8GB?

Way cool!  But, if I had put out the dough to get an iPod, I would be afraid to break it open and start messin’ with it. 

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We definitely absolutely positively cannot attest to the validity of efficacy of this hack, but word on the street is you can actually solder in a dead iPod nano's guts (namely the Samsung flash chips) to double that storage to 8GB on a formerly 4GB nano -- and the guy who's making the claims is also offering up his services to do so for a paltry $225 (which includes shipping, natch). Buyer / modder / hacker beware -- you know what they say about things seeming too good to be true. That said, anyone given it a go yet?

[Via hack a day]


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