Wednesday, January 11, 2006

An Umbrella That Makes Sense (We Think)

This would be cool but what they need is an umbrella that is surgically attached so I don’t leave it in the car when I go INTO the office….. 


Do you demand the dopest umbrella around with the ultimate rain-prediction technology? Look no further than the Forcasting Umbrella from Ambient Devices. Announced at CES, the Forcasting Umbrella does what every umbrella on the face of the earth should do: lets you know if it's going to rain. The umbrella is connected to Ambient's network and can automatically tell you the day's weather. If rain is near, the handle will glow blue meaning you should open Mr. Umbrella up and make haste to your car. This way, if you're leaving the office and aren't sure if you should drag the umbrella along with you, just look at the handle and you'll know what to do. No price has been set.

Forcasting Umbrella [Cool Hunting]

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