Monday, August 1, 2005

The Kegbot - It Gives You Beer

This is funny. Free beer from a robot.  Reminds me of the scene in “Fifth Element” when the robot asks, “You want some more?”.

DSC05601.jpgFolks at Defcon got to spend some quality time with the Kegbot, a Linux-based freedom-as-in-free-beer dispenser. The system uses a specialized board and iButton reader to dispense a perfect, frothy pint in every pour. It can even keep track of who drank what and when and the folks at Make Magazine even go their own happy welcome from said Kegbot. Now if only they had a EasyCreepyWomanAttheBarBot, I could maybe die happy.

@ DEFCON - The Kegbot project [Makezine]


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