Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cellular Pacemaker: But What's the Coverage Area?

This is neat.  With my Grandfather having an un-cellphoned defibrillator in, it would be neat to have the doctor be able to tell how often it had to work or get alerted if it went off. 

lumos.jpgPacemakers are a thing of the past with the Biotronik Lumos defibrillator implant. Next time your heart stops beating and you aren't near civilization, this implant will take charge and get your rhythm back on track. Connected via the cellular telephone network to your doctor or physician, you'll never feel isolated from immediate care or monitoring by trained professionals. Messages arrive to doctors via SMS or a detailed web-based report so extra help is always around the corner.

Just be sure that the implant is turned off during movies, live performances, meetings and other embarrassing situations.

Lumos DR-T Dual-Chamber ICD with Wireless Home Monitoring [MedGadget]

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