Friday, June 17, 2005

Portable fuel cell from Voller Energy... is expensive.

This looks neat!  Technodaddy should get one of these so that next time the power is out you have juice AND free water. :)

Voller Energy fuel cell

Okay so maybe this thing sort of looks like a Hasbro toy, but it promises to pack some portable power into that yellow triangle. Voller Energy has rolled out a major revision to their portable fuel cell line in the VE100 V3, which doubles the peak output to 200 watts and lowers the price, which doesn’t help so terribly much ‘cuz you’re still liable to choke on your cereal over its $7,600 retail price. But hey, it’s only 20 pounds, uses hydrogen canister fuel and outputs only water as a waste product, and stuff like that don’t come cheap, dig? If you’ve got to rock that Powerbook in the sub-Sahara, chances are you’ve got the kind of job that ought to cover this kind of thing for you.

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