Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nextlink Bluespoon 5G review

Wow, now that is tiny!  I wonder what the audio quality is though?

Nextlink Bluespoon 5G

Nextlink is finally getting ready to roll out their Bluespoon 5G headset, which will take over the title for smallest (3 x 1.7 cm) and lightest (G stands for grams, natch) Bluetooth headset from the previous recordholder, their Bluespoon AX. Pocketnow has a hands-on review of the headset and overall finds it pretty slick. Some marks were withheld for having to semi-frequently swap out its four small rechargeable batteries, and for the two-button interface which made accessing some functions at times awkward. Nextlink will be selling the 5G through their website for an eye-popping $399, so this’ll pretty much only be for those of you who’ve got some bling to burn.

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