Tuesday, December 14, 2004

10 Most Bizarre Palm OS Programs

OK so this is funny.  Follow the link and take a look at FakeCall.  I need one of these for the PPC-6601. :)



bubblewrap_emu.jpg imageCanal PDA's original article about the most bizarre Palm OS applications was so popular that they translated it into my harsh, guttural language for my edification. Then, using a series of hand signals, I was able to communicate that they should probably go ahead and translate it into English, since that's what most of our other, non-binary readers prefer. Thank the random seed they did—who wouldn't want to live in a world where someone programmed a Bubble Wrap Emulator?

What's the weirdest bit of software engineering you've ever seen (or used) on a mobile platform that didn't run Palm OS?

Bizarre PDA (I): the weirdest Palm OS programs [CanalPDA]


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