Thursday, July 29, 2004

More Details About Alpine iPod Interface

I would love one of these...  But it would cost more than my car.  $3000.00 stereo, $300.00 car. :(

alpine_in_dash.jpg imageMacCentral has more details about Alpine's upcoming in-car iPod interface, including the single-greatest quote ever to slip past the lips of a VP of Marketing, "Consumers love a knob more than anything." I've been saying that for years.

The Alpine unit looks nice, though. I think the best thing is that it's part of a whole system, so that any Ai-Net-equipped head unit can interface with the iPod, including using the aforementioned knob to scroll through like you would with the iPod's built-in wheel. Better than iPod Your BMW, that's for sure.

Read - Alpine offers details on forthcoming iPod interface [MacCentral]

Alpine's KCA-420i iPod Interface Available in September [Gizmodo]


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