Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kudo's to the Plex Community on Google+

+Ian Rawlings answered my question in the Plex Community regarding syncing offline videos using Plex and having them show up in my Google+ Auto-Backup.

Part of the reason I love Google+ is the Communities option.  Specifically the Plex Community.

Auto-Upload and Plex

Here is his answer that fixed the problem:


However which directory, having a poke around with root explorer seems to indicate the video files for Plex are stored in /data/data/com.plexapp.plex/app_sync/sync on my nexus 4 and there are no .nomedia files there but if your videos are synced to an SD card then maybe there might be a need for a .nomedia file there


Turns out he was correct.

I created a .nomedia file on my SD card in the folder I manually chose to use to sync my offline videos to and I no longer have the entire series of Archer and Dr. Who in my Google+ Auto-Backup folder.

Thanks +Ian Rawlings

On my mac I had to open terminal and run the following two commands.

computername:~ myname$ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool YES

computername:~ myname$ killall Finder

then make a .nomedia file

computername: ~myname$touch .nomedia

Connect my Droid to the Mac (You have to have the Android File Transfer Application to make this work).

Connected to the SD card, made a directory called Plex and transferred the .nomedia file to it.

then went back to terminal and ran:

computername:~ myname$ defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool NO

computername:~ myname$ killall Finder

Opened Plex on the Droid, told it to manually synchronize to my location and then, as they say, Bob's your Uncle.  Everything works like it should.

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