Wednesday, November 16, 2005

RFID Gets Chippy

 Sounds kind of interesting…  I wonder if they could put the persons name on the RFID with a display somewhere that shows what each person had.  On the fly updates during the game would be a hurdle, but it would still be kind of neat.   Would definitely help for when you’re about to go All-IN!

< ![if !vml]>chip< ![endif]>If you think you can outsmart a casino, don’t bet on it. An agreement has been struck between Gaming Partners International Corp. and Galaxy Resorts to supply over 600,000 RFID gaming chips to casinos that will be opening in Macau, China next year. (Didn’t know they allowed gambling in China!) This is an example of an emerging trend whereby casinos are using RFID to stop gamblers from cashing in counterfeit gaming chips and to stop cheaters at various table games.

[The Wireless Weblog]

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