Thursday, September 15, 2005

Future Looks Bright for Hybrids

About time.  I just wish I could afford to buy one…  I despise having to pay 70 bucks to fill up the stupid beater car I drive around… 

b015-highlanderhybrid-0905n.jpgLeave it to the Japanese to finally promise a 100% hybrid lineup in the near future. By 2006, Toyota is aiming to produce 400,000 gasoline-electric cars, including the beloved Prius, Camry sedans, Highlander SUVs and Coaster buses. It seems the whole, oil-equals-high-prices-at-the-pump thing is finally starting to make some sense, so I look forward to seeing reactions from other car companies. Oh, and Toyota has also talked about creating new technology to cut production costs for the hybrid vehicles and "halve the $5000 price premium."

Toyota sees 100% hybrid vehicle lineup [Detroit News]

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