Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ok you PPC-6601 users take note!

I saw this on my favorite 6601 site and had to post it.

Here is a link to the whole thread but below is the money post.

ExclamationAcura TL - Working 100%

I have gotten the bluetooth to work successfully with the Acura TL '04 with 100% compatibility using the PPC6601, however I imagine it will also work with other devices.

Enabling phone dialing via bluetooth....

[ File/System Config ]
File: "Build 3500 (rev 124 released 12/23/04 with AudioGW.dll from Build 3100 to fix DUN/ActiveSync on PDA sleep)"

To make this work, while you use the 3500 build, you use the AudioGW.DLL from the 3100 build. It is located in the /Windows folder where there are most likely many many other files To decipher if you are using the correct build, you can look at the file date. The 3500 build's DLL will be dated 12/10/04 which is WRONG - the correct date should be 11/05/04. You may have the correct file with a DLL1 or similar ext. Just rename the two files so that the correct file has the .DLL ext and the incorrect one with the DLL1 ext (or DLL0,1,2,3,4 whatever). ALSO, be sure that bluetooth is not enabled, or you may not be able to change/install the correct DLL.

[ Registry Config ]
Key: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\BtConfig\General
ValueName: EnableAFH
Value: 1

Just change the above value from 0 to 1 and you are done! Not much else to do here.

Once changes are done, simply re-enable bluetooth. You shouldn't even need to reset,
just restart bluetooth - however if has been a while since a reset, it certainly wouldn't hurt.

** I've attached a lil tool written in .NET that will allow you to change this registry setting without using a registry editor for those of you not familiar with the registry.
The URL to download the tool is:



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