Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Dell Smartphone Next Year?

This is noteworthy.  Dell is usually late to a market and when they do make something it usually starts a price war. J 

dell.jpg imageBrighthand is reporting that Dell may be considering entering the consumer cellular market next year, citing an anonymous source that works with Dell. It's funny, but whether or not you find this notable can probably be determined on how you frame this news. "Dell building cellular-network PDA hybrid," doesn't really give anybody a softie. "Dell to Launch a Mobile Phone," sounds a lot more interesting. Let's work with that.

It's unknown if this device will actually be a more phone-like device, like say the Treo or any of the Windows Smartphone handsets, but it is reported to have a small keyboard in place of a numberpad, and come in both GSM and CDMA versions.

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